Activate, Challenge, and Transform

Acteva is a movement that encourages an active and healthy lifestyle among youth. With growing concern over screen time and sedentary behavior, Acteva seeks to motivate kids, teenagers, and young adults to put down their gadgets and embrace the joys and benefits of physical activity. By promoting active living, we empower the next generation to take daily action towards improving their health, fitness, and overall well-being. 

Join the Acteva Movement

Empowering youth to A.C.T.


Daily Activation: Empower yourself to become an active participant in the world of endless opportunities. Youth are motivated to spring into action through youth sports and health and wellness programs.


Challenge Your Limits: Engage as an active participant in your journey of continuous improvement. Youth continually challenge themselves throughout the course of a program, creating a cycle of growth.


Embrace transformation: Enjoy the befenifts of your daily investments. Continue to harness your potential through consistent actions.

Improving community and youth health and wellness

"Due to the physical development stage of school-aged children, the effect of prolonged screen time on their physical and mental health is more obvious and irreversible than that of adults." - Global Health Research and Policy

With increasing screen time usage among youth, there is an ever greater need for a shift towards a balanced and active culture. To shift our culture towards one of health, Acteva offers youth with a range of health and wellness programs designed to fit the needs of your specific population. 

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Adult and youth t-shirts available for purchase at select locations

With every 2 t-shirts purchased, we are able to supply a uniform for one youth participating in an Acteva health and wellness program.

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